Community We are PRTE

People, Respect, Technology and Entrepreneurship are our principles. Each of these letters, combined with the verb WE ARE, compose our name and always make us remember that, more than follow, we must to be what we believe as a community.

We believe that the things are made from People to People and they are the ones to commit themselves with one idea, cause or mission. We care about the welfare of each one of our community members so they can be great physically and psychologically, doing what they like, where they like, close to who they like, developing the best of themselves.

It is essential that more and more we look to the HUMAN being and for that, Respect is vital. The respect for the diversity of ideas, gender, sexual orientation, race, belief, programming language, operating system, IoT platform and communication protocol. Respect for individuality without forgetting the Respect for the group.

Technology is a word very close to our heart, but that word goes way beyond computers, systems and Internet. Technology is the set of technique, used in an intelligent and organized way in order to accomplish some task.

We believe that people > technology. Entrepreneurship is the last part of our name, however it is our constant energy. To engage on a project is the capacity to accomplish, regardless of conditions and available resources. It is to believe in one idea with huge passion, and accomplish it with emotion and reason. Entrepreneurship is to generate real value to people.

If you also believe in what we believe, come join our community. Click the link below and be part of our telegram group.

Community #WearePRTE